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What is Sieve?

Sieve is a web application in early private beta that allows artists to track, showcase, and receive payments for their commissions. It also includes technology that helps guard uploaded static artwork from AI data scraping.Onboarded users ("Sievartists") can track their workflow with cards, upload finished artwork to help guard it from AI data scraping, and showcase their page to receive direct payments for commissions.You have to meet minimum age requirements to sign up or to access our no-fee payment processing.

How it works

Sieve is in early private beta and is onboarding artists and art lovers periodically. Sign up to receive an invite email (no invite code necessary)!After you create an account, you can track your commissions, get paid, make new friends, and have fun in our intimate and kindness-focused community 💖Our initial Sieve page background is created by the lovely @arunyi_! Please note that her art is unavailable in Star mode. When in Star mode, you can choose a default, white background ("default" theme) or upload a jpg, png, or gif ("custom" theme).

Your private and public view

Similar to Trello, your Sieve page will have a private view and a public view.Private View
The private view gives you the ability to add, edit, and delete cards and columns when you're tracking your commissions. In the gallery, you can upload static images, and manage them in the yellow gallery folder ("magical folder").
You can also customise your account username, website link, and background image that show in the public view. Participate in Star mode by turning on the "Star mode" toggle to earn stars and level up your Sievartist type to enable payments 🤩

Public View
Visitors to your Sieve page see the same cards, columns, public gallery images, and the background image you customised. They cannot edit page content or account details.
A "Pay" button is shown next to your name and commission sub-header for your Supporters to pay you directly. Learn more how to unlock and enable payments here and here.

View your Public Sieve page

Your public Sieve page can be accessed by others through You are required to choose a username of no less than two letters upon account sign-up.

I want more features! How do I tell you?

We go through software updates monthly based on Sievartist feedback! We're literally here to customise the app however you want us to, please let us know what features you'd like to be added!File a "Feature Request" in our Help channel on Discord or let us know below!

I see bugs! How do I tell you?

See above!Some common bug questions we get include:Weird "Application Error" Message
Certain new Sievartists see this error when attempting to create an account on mobile or tablet. Please use a laptop or a desktop to register! We have not yet optimised our registration flow for mobile or tablet.
A few existing Sievartists see this error upon performing certain actions on the site. Please be sure to clear the browser cache and download the latest version of your browser! The error should go away. If it persists, please reach out to us and let us know what browser and operating system you're using so we can better help you!

Mobile or tablet
Please note that Sieve is currently only optimised to be used on a desktop. While your page can be viewed on your mobile or tablet device, we recommend only performing basic edits to your cards or images. You could still see application errors or lags in response (in other words, bugs!). If enough Sievartists are using the app on mobile and tablet, we will dedicate more time to optimise the mobile and tablet experience. ❤️ Let us know, please!
Payment processor connection
Please note that we currently partner with Stripe for no-fee commission processing. Unfortunately, Stripe is still in beta in many countries. We apologise for the inconvenience if you're a Sievartist who cannot use our payment feature yet! 😵 To see the list of countries in which Stripe is fully available, see here. We have plans to upgrade our payment processor capabilities, thank you for your patience!
Artwork AI-protective gloss
Similar to other AI-protective solutions, there are limitations to the algorithm in Sieve. There may be times when your uploaded image may fail to be AI-protective "glossed". If that happens, you will see an error message in the drag & drop box in which you tried to upload your image. Please let us know so we can give you more stars to gloss another version! See more here.

Help Centre

How do I set up my Sieve page?

1) For new Sievartists, sign up and go through our onboarding flow 🌊- After you receive an invite email, launch the app on a laptop or desktop, and click "Sign up"
- Enter a username (you can change this later), your birthday (you must be at least 13 years old), and your email (you must use the email you used to receive our invite)
- After you verify your email, you will need to enter a strong password (must include over 8 characters and at least 1 digit, 1 letter, 1 special character)

2) Complete the onboarding flow and set up your page 📃- Enter a display name, avatar, and website link. This will be displayed on your private and public Sieve page

Personalise your profile

1) Give your Sieve page an identity 🥺- In "Account", you can change your avatar, display name, username (, and website link
- For Asteroid Artists, you can also enable or hide the "Pay" button on your public Sieve page using the "Payments & Orders" toggle

2) Track your commissions by organising your cards and gallery 🪟- Start fresh by creating a column and your cards
- Upload images to your 5-image public gallery by clicking or dragging & dropping. By uploading images, you are automatically applying an AI-protective gloss to help guard it from data scraping for AI models
- After you upload 5 images, a magical folder will appear in your gallery. This folder stores all the images you upload to Sieve. Inside the folder, you can add, delete, or reorder your images

3) Customise your Sieve page background 💪🏻- Navigate to the "More Options" icon in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar (the last icon)
- Choose "aesthetic", "default", "dark”
, or "custom" themes for background images for your Sieve page
- In the "custom" theme, you can upload your jpg, png, or gif!
Special thanks to @arunyi_ for generously creating the perfect background for the "aesthetic" theme! Please note that her art is unavailable in Star mode.

Help Centre

Sieve Dictionary: What do these terms mean?


You can apply a “gloss” to the static images you upload to the gallery to guard it from data scraping by AI. This technology is subject to limitations. The algorithm is available to onboarded Sievartists. See more here.

Magical Folder

The magical folder stores all the images you upload to Sieve and allows you to add, delete, and organise your gallery.The first 5 images in the folder mirror the 5 images currently in your public Sieve page gallery. The other images are the ones you uploaded that are currently kept away from public view.Inside the folder:
To add images: Upload or drag & drop images to the placeholder. It will require stars as they are additional images to be run through the algorithm.
To delete images: Click the trash bin icon on the image
To organise images: Drag & drop images to reorder or swap them from your public gallery!

Sievartists and their Supporters

Sievartists are Artists onboarded to the Sieve community! You can be a Star Artist (default) or an Asteroid Artist. See more here.Supporters fund Sievartists through direct payment for their artwork. Those with and without a Sieve account can be Supporters.

Star Artists and Asteroid Artists

These are the existing Sievartist types, indicated by the badge in between "Star mode" and your star count in top right-hand corner of the navigation bar.By default, Sievartists are Star Artists. As you level up by accumulating stars, you become an Asteroid Artist. See more here.

Star Artists

Asteorid Artists

Star mode and stars

Stars are specific to Sieve, just like airline frequent flier points or Roblox Robux. It helps fund ongoing operations and is the best way to support the Sieve team. Participating in Star mode will also allow you to unlock special perks in the app!How do I get stars?
- Earn them by logging in daily or referring artists
- Buy them directly through a support tier here
How do I use stars?
- Upload additional artwork in your magical folder
- No fee, direct commission payment from Supporters through Stripe. This feature is unlocked by leveling up your Sievartist type
- We're planning more perks! 🥰

Help Centre

What is star mode?

Stars are specific to Sieve, just like airline frequent flier points or Roblox Robux.We'd love your support to help fund ongoing Sieve operations through your participation in Star mode 💫 Thank you for your trust in us!How do I get stars?
- Earn them by logging in daily or referring artists.
- Buy them directly through a support tier below.
How do I use stars?
- Upload additional artwork in your magical folder.
- No fee, direct commission payment from Supporters through Stripe. This feature is unlocked by leveling up your Sievartist type.
- We're planning more perks! 🥰

Stars will be credited to your account within an hour. Please reach out to our team for any issues.

Help Centre

What kind of Sievartist am I?

Star Artists

(+) Card & column management
(+) Gloss up to 5 images in the gallery
(+) Magical folder to delete or reorganise images
(+) Collect daily login stars
(-) Use stars to upload more artwork in the folder

Asteorid Artists

(+) Card & column management
(+) Gloss up to 5 images in the gallery
(+) Magical folder to delete or reorganise images
(+) Collect daily login stars
(-) Upload more artwork in the folder
(-) Receive payment from Supporters, no fee!
(?) We're planning more perks! 🥰

By default, Sievartists are Star Artists. Your Sievartist type is indicated by the badge in between "Star mode" and your star count in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar.

🥺 Other Artists Coming Soon 🥺

How do I level up my Sievartist type?

1) Accumulate starsSievartists with 300 stars level up from Star Artists to Asteroid Artists. You can accumulate stars by logging in daily (+5 stars per day), referring artists (+10 stars per friend), or buying them directly here.If you refer a friend, please let us know ❤️ Your stars will be added to your account within 24 hours. Regardless, we love having you and are grateful that you are willing to try us out! We are always thinking of ways to reward our supportive Sievartists!

2) Being an early SievartistActive Sievartists who joined between November 2023 and February 2024 are automatically leveled up to Asteroid Artists, regardless of star count.
Our smol, passionate project was launched in the last week of November 2023. You took a chance on our new app and were patient in giving feedback and letting us know of bugs - we appreciate you so much! You will continue to receive the best benefits in all future software updates ❤️

Help Centre

How do I process commissions on Sieve?

Connect your Stripe account to allow Supporters to pay you via their bank card on your Sieve page! Payments go directly from the Supporter to the Sievartist and Sieve takes no fee. This feature is currently only available to Asteroid Artists. To see your artist type, look at the badge in between "Star mode" and your star count in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar.

In keeping with the values of Sieve, our payment feature allows Artists to retain full control over their commission process. As such, commission terms and conditions, customer support, chargeback, disputes, and all other relevant commission-related support will be handled by the Artist. If you receive a dispute with a Stripe payment, you can refer to Stripe's guides on how to handle them here and here. We'd love to hear from you if we can be of service or contact Stripe directly.

1) Enter all Account details and enable payment processing 🌠- Make sure you entered a Sieve display name, username, and website for your Supporters!
- Under your email, click "Create Stripe Account"
If you already have a Stripe account, this will connect it to Sieve and create a Sieve-connected Stripe account for you to access on your Stripe dashboard
If you don't have a Stripe account, this will prompt you to quickly set up a Stripe account for free

2) Set up your Sieve-connected Stripe 💪🏻- Go through a short connection/setup process with Stripe. Similar to the Stripe connection process on Ko-fi, a new window will pop up asking you to sign into your Stripe account
- Stripe would ask for certain details such as account details (email, password), business or personal details (location, if you're a business or individual, and some personal information), professional details (details about your business, bank account to link for Stripe to send payouts)
- Enter "Public Details" such as business name, phone number, and address. Please choose the details you want to be shown publicly (e.g. bank statements, confirmation emails, etc.). Your Supporters can see this information when they complete a payment
- For now, we only support Stripe payment processing and this Sieve-connected Stripe account will remain on your Sieve account once you set it up
- Once all the necessary information is provided, you will be redirected back to your Sieve page (and you're now ready to start earning)!

3) Show off your Sieve page to Supporters 🎨- The "Pay" button is displayed on the public Sieve page next to your yellow sub-header

- Visitors to the public page can now pay the Artist directly by clicking on the "Pay" button ("Supporters")
- A popup will prompt Supporters to enter an amount and a message. Upon clicking "Support ($ amount)". Stripe will handle all payment details such as card information

4) Payment completion💰- Both the Supporter and the Sievartist will receive an email notification following a successful payment
- Sievartists can see the amount and the message under "Account" > "My Earnings". The amount is also available in the Stripe account dashboard

Other informationSievartists can enable or hide the "Pay" button on your public Sieve page. If you no longer wish visitors to have the option to send you payments, simply go to "Account" > "Payments & Orders" and turn off the toggle.

Stripe payout schedules depend on your location and business type. After that, it's a rolling 2, 4, or 7-day schedule. You can even set it to transfer instantly for a fee. You can learn more in the "Payout Settings" of your Stripe Dashboard.

Please ensure you understand Sieve's Terms and Privacy, role as a facilitator of transactions, and the type of personal information that we may collect through your usage of our app and our payment feature. Stripe is solely responsible for payment processing and any related currency conversion. Sieve is not a financial institution or broker of any kind. Similar to Ko-fi's default setting, we only display transactions in USD for now.If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out. We're here for you! 💌

How do Supporters pay Sievartists?

With Stripe, Supporters can pay Sievartists conveniently using their card (and saved cards, if they've used Stripe before!).Visitors see a "Pay" button next to your yellow sub-header on your Sieve page.

For one-time payments:Users can enter their card details during checkout. Upon successful payment, their funds will go directly to Sievartists!For recurring payments:Supporters can save their details during the initial payment process for easier future payments. They will need to select to save and provide a phone number for verification codes. Stripe will then register the card details with the associated email. After the details are saved, Supporters can use the same email to send you payments by card/Stripe through a verification process by phone number and completing the one-click checkout process.Supporters' payment details and personal information are securely saved by Stripe and can be managed by the Supporter. See more here.

What do I need to use stripe on Sieve?

Stripe can be used by individuals, sole proprietors, or businesses of any size. It is available in over 40 countries. Once you have a Stripe account, you will have access to a Stripe dashboard where you can see and manage payments, payouts, or refunds. When you connect a Stripe account to Sieve, a Sieve-connected Stripe account is created. 🤗Sieve takes no fee on payments made from Supporters to Sievartists. Earnings go straight into Sievartists' own payment accounts. Stripe charges regular transaction fees and can vary depending on your account type, location, and the currency used. Usually, it's 3% + $0.30.If you receive a dispute with a Stripe payment, you can refer to Stripe's guides on how to handle them here and here. You can also contact Stripe directly.Sieve's mission is to create a kinder and safer internet for human artists. Our first step is to make the commission management process easier, safer, and more fun. Though payments go directly to your account, we are happy to be of service if you need advice on how to avoid chargebacks in the future.

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What personal information is shared when I support a Sievartist?

We usually only require your name and email to complete a payment on Sieve. We are extremely cautious and respectful of your privacy!Your payments go directly from the Supporter to the Sievartist using Stripe. Stripe controls what is shown on bank statements and what is on the Stripe dashboard.Sieve does not control what information Stripe shares. We strongly recommend reaching out to them to learn more about their data practices. On Sieve, Supporters pay using cards. Details such as your legal name, email address, bank, and portions of the address the card is registered to are available to the Stripe account holder, just like any other normal e-commerce transaction.Please see here for more on the information to a Stripe merchant. Please also ensure you understand our Terms and Privacy, role as a facilitator of transactions, and the type of personal information that we may collect through your usage of our app and our payment feature. If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out. We're here for you! 💌

Help Centre

What is gloss?

When you upload an artwork to the Sieve page gallery, you apply a "gloss" to help guard it from AI data scraping. Out of an abundance of caution, we disclose the algorithm and its authors to onboarded Sievartists only. This method differs from existing systems released by American university research teams, which guards artwork by shifting and disrupting an artwork's feature representation to AI models. Similar to their work, it contains limitations and faces the challenge of being future-proof in the long run as the development of generative AI models accelerates. The Sieve team is committed to expanding the algorithm's protective capabilities and demands respect and understanding of our good faith efforts.Sieve is open to all artists in the community (no invite code!). We are pacing access to ensure the best experience given heightened demand. Interested artists can sign up for an email invite.

Will you support other content formats in the future?

That's the hope! We are working hard to expand our team to improve the algorithm. We appreciate your trust, patience, and understanding in the meantime.

I have more questions, comments, or constructive feedback, who do I contact?

We love hearing from existing and potential Sievartists! Please be kind and respectful when reaching out via social media @sievepage. Even if we cannot immediately incorporate your feedback, we always listen and consider it as we iterate our product.We absolutely do not tolerate disrespect and will promptly take appropriate actions to address the misbehaviour. This includes threats, harassment, stalking, abuse, slurs, profanity, personal attacks, negging, backhanded comments, sexual remarks or innuendos, physical violence, baseless accusations, public speculation about others, and any other behaviour that Sieve deems inappropriate. Our team is here for the long haul and will take any and all possible remedies available to us to protect the integrity of our app and the safety of our community.We'd love to have you join and read our community and content guidelines. If you become aware of a conduct violation, you are encouraged to report it to If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact us immediately. We're here for you! 💌

Help Centre

Effective date: 02/26/2024PLEASE READ THIS TERMS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY. IT SETS FORTH THE LEGALLY BINDING TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR YOUR USE OF THE WEB APPLICATION, WHETHER AS A REGISTERED USER OR GUEST. BY USING THE WEB APPLICATION, YOU ACCEPT THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND AGREE TO COMPLY WITH THEM AND ANY APPLICABLE LOCAL LAWS. YOU ARE ALSO AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICES YOU CONNECT TO YOUR SIEVE ACCOUNT WITH SUCH AS STRIPE. THE MATERIALS CONTAINED IN THIS PLATFORM ARE PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK LAW.IntroductionThe Terms of Service (the "Terms") govern the website (the "Site"), including your use of interactive features, content, and/or other online services that we own and control and that post a link to these Terms (the “Service”), which is made available by Etoile Foundry, LLC ("Company", "Sieve", "We," "Us," or "Our"). By using the Service, you acknowledge and accept the Service’s Privacy Policy and consent to the collection and use of your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Sieve provides the Service to allow artists (“Artists”) to register and customize pages such as with Kanban cards, images, and text and use the page to facilitate the acceptance of monetary payments (“Payments") or the sale of commissions (“Commissions”) and other forms of content (“Artist Content”). Visitors to an Artist’s Sieve page are able to donate or purchase to receive Artist Content (“Supporters”). These Terms apply to Artists, Supporters, other users, and any other individuals who access and use the Service (“you”). The Service is not a financial institution, broker, creditor, charity, merchant, or advisor of any kind.AccountAn Artist is someone who creates a page on the Service to track, display, and get paid for their commissions. When you join the Service, you become part of the Sieve community. A Supporter is someone who visits an Artist’s page on the Service and donates or purchases commissions to receive Artist Content. We are not required to allow any particular person or group of persons to join the Service. To create an account, you must be at least 13 years old and you must also be old enough to consent to the processing of your personal data in your country. You must be at least 18 years old to process payments on the Service.If you register for any feature that requires a password and/or username, then you agree that you will provide true, accurate, current, and complete registration information about yourself in connection with the registration process and, as permitted, to maintain and update it continuously and promptly to keep it accurate, current, and completely. You are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your account, password, and username, regardless of whether you authorized the activity. We reserve the general and broad right to terminate any user account or password or otherwise deny you access to the Service or any of its benefits if, at any time, in our reasonable opinion you fail to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms. You may not bring a claim against the Service for suspending or terminating another person’s account. If you try to bring such a claim, you are responsible for the damage caused, including attorneys’ fees and costs. This remains in effect even if you no longer have an account on the Service. You must ensure that all persons who access the Service are aware of these Terms and other applicable terms and conditions and that they comply with them. If you wish to terminate your account, please contact You are not permitted to engage in activities that are illegal or abusive towards others or the Service. Please contact us immediately if you believe your account is compromised.ContentYou are not permitted to make available content on the Service that infringes the intellectual property or proprietary rights of others. The Service reserves the right to remove content and other material that violate the Terms. We respond to compliant notifications of claimed copyright infringement and have adopted and reasonably implemented a policy for terminating, in appropriate circumstances, the accounts of Artists and Supporters who are the subject of repeated compliant notifications of claimed copyright infringement or other evidence that suggests a pattern of repeat infringement. Supporters may not use Artist Content posted by Artists in any way not authorized by the Artist, including sharing that content with others who have not purchased the offering through which that content was made available.The Service contains a variety of content relating to Sieve, including texts, layout, articles, text, data, images, files, scripts, designs, interactive features and any and all copyrightable material (including source and object code). It is protected by U.S. and international copyright, trademark, trade dress, patent, and/or other intellectual property and unfair competition rights and laws to the fullest extent possible. Feedback is welcome on iterations of the Service, including any early access, beta, or test features to which you’ve been given access. Any reported problems, bugs, defects, or suggested improvements will be fully owned by the Service so that it can be used to improve the Service and thereby better serve the community of Artists. You may print off copies or download extracts of any page(s) from the site for your personal use and you may draw the attention of others to content posted on the site. You must not modify the paper or digital copies of any materials you have printed off or downloaded in any way, and you must not use any illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences, or any graphics separately from any accompanying text. Our status (and that of any identified contributors) as the authors of content on our site must always be acknowledged. If you print, copy, or download any part of our site in breach of these terms of use, your right to use our site will cease immediately and you must, at our option, return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made.
Artists can accept Commissions or solicit Payments (subject to applicable fees). The contractual relationship entered into for any transaction in relation to Artist Content, Payments, or Commissions is directly between the Artist and the Supporter. The Artist is solely responsible for supplying terms and conditions relating to any sales of Artist Content to Supporters or potential Supporters. The Service is not and will not be a party to any agreements, discussions, disputes, demands or otherwise any actions relating to sales of Artist Content, Commissions, or to any solicited Payments, and is not and will not be held responsible for any returns damages, claims, or loss arising from them.
DisclaimerThe materials on the Service are provided “as is”. We make no warranties, representations, or guarantees, whether expressed or implied, and hereby disclaim and negate all other warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights including without limitation in respect of:
(i) The materials provided on the Service;
(ii) All transactions in relation to Artist Content, Payments, Commissions, or any other type of good or service.
The Service does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the materials on its website or the contents of any sites linked to this site. The Service does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of user-generated content. The Service does not explicitly or implicitly condone or support any message or claim made by any of its users.
The Service is a web application only and doesn't guarantee or endorse any Artist Content. Any disputes, errors, revision requests or other such communication regarding Artist Content, Payments, or Commissions should be made directly to the Artist. Sieve is not responsible for refunds or managing disputes resulting from any such transactions. All transactions relating to Artist Content, including without limitation, Commissions, Payments, or any other form of purchase are with the relevant Artist only. Artists are listed as third-party sellers identified on the Service, which facilitates third-party sales and transactions. The Service does not identify itself as the seller of any goods or services as aforesaid, and buyers shall have no recourse against the Service for any purchases.Artists are solely responsible for any and all text, images, videos, links, and other content that are created, uploaded, posted, published, or displayed on the Service. You warrant that you have the necessary authorization to provide the information when you make use of a feature that allows you to upload content to the Service or to make contact with other users of the Service. You will be liable to us and indemnify us of any breach of that warranty and will be responsible for any loss or damage we suffer as a result of your breach of warranty. Any content you upload to the Service will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. You retain all content ownership rights but grant the Service and other users of the Service a limited license to use, store, and copy that content to distribute and make it available to third parties. We may use this content to improve our Service without liability to you. Should any third party claim that content posted or uploaded by you to the Service constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights or their right to privacy, you grant us the right to disclose your identity. We have full discretion to check and remove any content or posting you make on the Service if, in our opinion, it is necessary to protect our Service and business. You agree to become a data controller and are personally responsible for the lawful processing of information provided to your on the Service, including email addresses, names, and addresses of Artist Content you sell on the Service. You will only use information about Supporters to communicate with them in relation to their interactions with you on the Service in a lawful manner. Should Supporters wish to withdraw their consent for the processing of their information or delete their data from your records, there must be clear instructions to do so.Supporters are any person or entity providing Payments or Commissions on the Service. The Service does not guarantee that any Artist page or content on the Artist page is legitimate, accurate, truthful, or lawful. The Supporter assumes full responsibility for determining whether and which Artist they wish to support. Relevant financial, legal, tax, or other professional advice is not provided on the Service and is also the responsibility of the Supporter. Personal details may be shared by the Payments provider between the Artist and the Supporter depending on the type of account with the Payments provider and the customized details on the account with the Payments provider. The Service will not investigate or be held liable in any way for Payments sent in error, refund requests, or monetary disputes of any kind between the Artist and the Supporter.

To create an account on our Service, you must be at least 13 years old. You are not permitted to use the Service in connection with:
(i) Anything that violates any law, governmental regulation industry requirements, or money laundering regulation;
(ii) Anything that violates the terms and conditions of the Payments providers connected to the Service such as Stripe:
You are not permitted to use content including but not limited to:
(i) Pornography, nudity, any other obscene content; Texts, images, videos, links to external sites, or content containing such material; sexual services including but not limited to prostitution, escorts, adult live chat or any other adult content;
(ii) Fraudulent, misleading, inaccurate, dishonest, violent content;
(iii) Threats, harassment, stalking, abuse, slurs, profanity, personal attacks, sexual remarks or innuendos, physical violence, baseless accusations, or public speculation about others;
(iv) Any activity purposefully meant to harm the Artist, including malicious chargebacks or fraudulent disputes, transactions with the intent of tax avoidance, transactions of products or services that directly infringe or facilitate infringement upon the intellectual property or privacy rights of any third party;
(v) Any other activity that the Service deems in its sole discretion to be unacceptable.
The Service is not a payment provider. Payments are made from Supporters to Artists directly and externally to the Service through a third-party payment provider such as Stripe. By using our Service, you agree to be bound by the terms of the third-party payment provider associated with the site and acknowledge that they will be responsible for all matters relating to payment and use of your bank details. Payment providers may display the personal details of your payment account depending on your account type and the information you choose to disclose through your account. You are responsible for all questions and concerns relating to the information displayed when making a payment on the Service by consulting the payment provider directly. We reserve the right to change our fees in the future for any type of transaction or payment. The Service will not identify as the seller of Artist Content and will not be the party to any transaction solicited by an Artist. It is the responsibility of the Artist to determine what, if any, taxes apply to the Payments and Commissions you receive through the Service. Assessing. Collecting, reporting, or remitting the correct tax, if any, to the appropriate tax authority is solely the responsibility of the Artist.No one has the right to scrape content from the Service without prior written consent. We reserve the right to withdraw linking, scraping, and framing permission without notice. The request to make use of materials on the Service can be made to This Service can be linked if the purpose is to promote a page related to an Artist and if the Artist's specific terms are followed as outlined above. Bots or any other automatic means is prohibited from interacting with our Service.Data, Indemnification, and Related DisclaimersWe will use the personal information you provide in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Through the use of the Service, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information as set forth in the Privacy Policy. You are prohibited from uploading or using another person’s personal information without the consent or approval of that person. We have no control over the information that passes to the payments provider nor the communication or display of personal information that may arise from the transaction. For details of how the payments provider may use your personal information, you should refer to their respective privacy policies. The Service facilitates transactions between Artists and Supporters and is not a party in the transaction. The Service and Artists using the Service to process the Supporter’s personal information and as such are considered separate and independent data controllers of the Supporter’s personal information. Artists and Supporters are solely responsible for the personal information entered on the Service and acknowledge that the Service is not responsible for any disclosure or misuse of personal information by an Artist. Artists indemnify the Service for any expenses, damages, or fines incurred as a result of the use of the personal information obtained through the use of the Service.Users of the Service will indemnify us from all losses and liabilities including legal fees, that arise from these terms. We reserve the right to exclusive control over the defense of a claim covered by this clause. If we use this right, then you will help us in our defense. For this clause, “we” is defined to include our affiliates, officers, directors, agents, employees, and third-party service providers.The Service is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind – any warranty of merchantability, non-infringement, and any other warranty, is excluded to the greatest extent as permitted by law. We are not liable to users for any consequential, incidental, or punitive damages arising out of their use of the site. To the greatest extent as permitted by law, the liability for damages is limited to the amount of money we earned through the user’s use of the Service. We are, specifically, not liable for losses associated with unfulfilled offerings or benefits and from losses caused by conflicting contractual agreements. For this clause, “we” is defined to include our affiliates, officers, directors, agents, employees, and third-party service providers. The Service is not liable to Artists nor Supporters for loss or damage, arising under or in connection with the inability to use the Service or the use of any content displayed on the site. Specifically, we are not responsible for loss of sales, business opportunity, goodwill or reputation, or any other related consequential loss or damage.Our site is not guaranteed to be free or secure from bugs or viruses. It is the responsibility of the users to secure and back up relevant content. The configuration of programs, platforms, and information necessary to access the Services is the sole responsibility of the users. You must not knowingly misuse or cause harm to the Service by introducing viruses or other material that is technologically harmful. You must not attack the Service via a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack or attempt to gain unauthorized access. The breach of this provision would constitute a criminal offense under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities. In the event of such occurrence, you will cease to use the Service and we will co-operate with those authorities by disclosing your identity and all relevant information.We welcome all feedback, provided that it is given in good faith and with the intention of improving the Service and the community it serves. If a dispute arises out of these terms or in relation to your use of the Service, then the dispute will be resolved in the federal or state courts located in Delaware. Both parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Delaware courts for the purpose of resolving any such dispute. Delaware law governs these terms, all other Sieve policies, and disputes that arise between you and the Service.These Terms constitute an agreement between you and us and supersede all prior agreements. They do not constitute any partnerships, joint ventures, or employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship between you and us. Should any provision of these Terms fail to be deemed enforceable, then that provision will be modified to the extent necessary to be enforceable. If the provision cannot be modified to be enforceable, then it will be severed from these terms, and all other provisions are to remain in force. Should either party fail to enforce a right provided by these Terms, then it does not waive the ability to enforce any rights in the future.Changes to TermsWe may change these Terms from time to time. The “effective date” legend at the top of these Terms indicates when this was last revised. Any changes are effective when we post the revised Terms on the Service. If we make any material changes to these Terms, we will take reasonable measures to notify you via email and/or a prominent notice on the Service prior to the change becoming effective and will update the effective date. You are advised to review the Terms periodically for any changes.CONTACT US
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Effective date: 02/27/2024Etoile Foundry, LLC DBA Sieve (“Sieve”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) prioritizes the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy”) explains the types of personal information we may collect from visitors to our websites, including and all related websites (our “Sites”) and in connection with the products and services that we offer through the Sites or by other means (our “Services”). This Privacy Policy also describes how and why we use personal information and your available rights and choices associated with that information. Privacy applies to our Artists, Supporters, other users, and any other individuals who visit our Sites or utilize our Services (“you”).We also encourage you to review our Terms of Service to understand how your personal information will be treated as you make full use of our Sites. Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, capitalized terms used in Privacy have the same meaning as in our Terms of Service. By using our Sites, you consent to our Privacy and agree to its terms.Collection of Personal InformationWe may collect the following personal information should you choose to use our Sites:Account. When you register for an account, you may be asked to provide your first name, email address, and phone number.Payment related information. When you use our Site and Services, you may be asked to provide financial information, including credit card, and including through designated third-party payment platforms.Communications information. When you communicate with us through our Sites, we may collect your name, email address, phone number, and any personal information that you choose to provide in the content of your message.Information that we automatically collectOur Sites, similar to any other website, use cookies and other tracking technologies such as web beacons, embedded scripts, and tags (“Cookies”), which collect information from you automatically as you use our Sites, including IP address, device identifier, device type, operating system and Internet browser type, screen resolution, operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, language, plug-ins, add-ons, and the language version of the Sites you are visiting; and browsing history, time spent on the Sites, pages visited, links clicked, language preferences, patterns of use, and the pages that led or referred you to our Site.Third-party privacy policiesPrivacy does not apply to third-party websites, products, or services, even if they link to our Sites. We recommend you review the privacy practices of those third parties before accessing third-party websites and sharing any personal information. You can disable Cookies through your browser. Each browser’s respective websites contain information concerning cookie management.Use of Personal InformationOur products and servicesWe use the personal information we collect to provide, maintain and improve our Sites and the services that we offer (our “Services”). These uses include:(i) Providing you with requested Services
(ii) Managing your account, and attending to and managing your requests
(iii) Providing you with customer service and support
(iv) Providing you with information about new Services and other opportunities that we believe may be of interest to you
(v) Performing analytics for new and existing Services, such as our user accounts and related features
(vi) Maintaining and improving the quality of our Sites and Services
(vii) Protecting ourselves, you, and others; preventing fraud; and creating and maintaining a trusted, secure, and reliable online environment
(viii) Complying with our legal obligations; respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process; or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defense against legal claims
(ix) Digital marketing communications
AdvertisingThird-party advertising marketing companies use Cookies in their respective ads and links that appear in our Services sent directly to your browser. They measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and/or to personalize the advertising content that you see on websites that you visit, where allowed by applicable law. We have no access or control over the Cookies used by them.Your Privacy Rights and ChoicesYou may have rights and choices regarding our use and disclosure of your personal information. Unless instructed otherwise, you can exercise these rights and choices using the information in the Contact Us section. Certain states provide residents with certain rights with respect to their personal information or personal data as defined under applicable law. Please be advised that these rights are subject to state privacy law interpretation and that certain other rights might apply.Right to Know and Access. You have the right to know what personal information we collect, use, disclose, and/or sell or share as those terms are defined under applicable state law. You may ask us to provide you with a portable copy of this information up to two times in a rolling twelve-month period. We may charge you a small fee for this service.Right to Delete. You have the right to request that we as well as our service providers and contractors delete the personal information that we collect about you, under certain circumstances.Right to Correct Inaccurate Personal Information. You have the right to request the correction of inaccurate personal information, under certain circumstances.Right to Opt Out. You have the right to restrict or object to our processing of your personal data, under certain circumstances.Right to Transfer Data. You have the right to request the transfer of data that we have collected to another organization or to you, under certain circumstances.Sensitive Personal Information or Sensitive Data. You may have certain rights with respect to certain personal information that is defined as sensitive under applicable state law.Except where otherwise noted, we will respond to your request within forty-five (45) days after receipt and we reserve the right to extend the response time by an additional forty-five (45) days when reasonably necessary and provided consumer notification of the extension is made within the first forty-five (45) days. As described below, in some jurisdictions, an authorized agent may submit a request to exercise your rights on your behalf.Data Retention. We will not retain any information we collect from you for longer than is reasonably necessary for the disclosed purpose of using such information. Our determination of precise retention periods will be based on (i) the length of time we have an ongoing relationship with you; (ii) whether there is a legal obligation to which we are subject; and (iii) whether retention is advisable in light of our legal position (such as regarding applicable statutes of limitations, litigation or regulatory investigations).We do not charge a fee to process or respond to your verifiable consumer request unless it’s excessive, repetitive, manifestly unfounded, or in accordance with applicable law. If we determine that the request warrants a fee, we will tell you why we made that decision and provide you with a cost estimate before completing your request.You may only make a verifiable or authenticated consumer request twice within a twelve (12) month period. If we have collected information on your minor child, you may exercise the above rights on behalf of your minor child. Additionally, in some jurisdictions, you may designate an authorized agent to submit a request on your behalf. The request must include:Sufficient information that allows us to reasonably verify you are the person about whom we collected personal information or an authorized representative.
Describe your request with sufficient detail that allows us to properly understand, evaluate, and respond to the request.
We cannot respond to your request or provide you with personal information if we cannot verify or authenticate your identity or authority to make the request and confirm that the personal information relates to you.
You are not required to create an account with us to submit a verifiable or authenticated consumer request. However, we do consider requests made through your password protected account sufficiently verified when the request relates to personal information associated with that specific account. We will only use personal information provided in a verifiable or authenticated consumer request to verify your (or your authorized agent’s as applicable) identity or authority to make the request.California Privacy NoticeThis Section applies to any California residents about whom we have collected personal information as defined in Section 1. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) provides California residents with rights to receive certain disclosures regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal information, as well as rights to access, delete, and restrict the sale of certain personal information we collect about them. California residents also have the right not to receive discriminatory treatment by us for the exercise of your privacy rights under the CCPA. If you are a California resident, you may submit a request to exercise these rights by completing our online webform or by emailing us using the information provided in the Your Privacy Rights and Choices section above. Any terms defined in the CCPA have the same meaning when used in this Section.Sensitive Personal Information. Certain personal information that we collect, as described above, may constitute “sensitive personal information” as defined by California law. This may include: gender or gender identity, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and certain health information.European Privacy NoticeThis European Privacy Notice applies to any individuals located within the European Economic Area (EEA), United Kingdom (UK), or Switzerland from whom we may have collected personal data from any source, including through your use of our Sites and our Services, or by communicating with us electronically, by telephone, in paper correspondence, or in person. We provide this European Privacy Notice to comply with applicable privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Act (“GDPR”), the UK GDPR, and related laws, regulations, and guidance from the European Union and/or its member states.European law provides individuals located in Europe with rights to receive certain disclosures regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal data, as well as rights to be informed, access, rectification, erasure, restrict processing, data portability and to object with respect to collected personal data. For the purposes of this European Privacy Notice, “personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.Data SecurityWe use commercially reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards appropriate to the risks and information sensitivity to help protect and secure your personal information as detailed in Section 11.Data SecurityThe security of your personal information is important to us, but remember that no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. While we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. We maintain appropriate technical, administrative and physical safeguards to help protect the security of your personal information against unauthorized access, destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or misuse. We encourage you to secure your account with a strong password and to keep your password private.International Data TransfersOur Sites are operated exclusively in the United States. We may transfer, store and use information we collect and maintain about you, including personal information outside of your state, province, country or other governmental jurisdiction. The data protection laws in the jurisdiction in which we process personal information may differ from those of your jurisdiction, and in certain circumstances, your personal information may be subject to access requests from governments, courts, law enforcement agencies or regulatory agencies in those other jurisdictions. By using the Sites or providing us with any information, you consent to the transfer and processing of your information, including personal information, in the United States as set forth in this Privacy Policy.If you are located in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), the United Kingdom (“UK”), or Switzerland, we comply with any applicable laws to provide an adequate level of data protection to the U.S., as described further in European Privacy Notice. Where applicable law requires us to ensure that an international data transfer is governed by a data transfer mechanism, we use EU Standard Contractual Clauses with data recipients located outside the EEA or the UK as well as other appropriate measures and safeguards.Children’s PrivacyYou must be at least 13 years old or older to register or use our Sites, including our account features. The Sites are intended for a general audience and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under age 13 through the Sites.If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that a child under age 13 has provided us with personal information without parental consent, please contact us using the information in the Contact Us section. If we become aware that we have collected personal information from children under age 13 without verification of parental consent, we will take steps to remove that information from our servers.Links to Other WebsitesOur Sites may contain links to other websites that are not operated by us. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policy policies of websites we do not own or control, and our privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites. We strongly suggest you review the privacy policies for third-party websites to understand how your personal information is used and stored by those websites.Changes to PrivacyWe may change this Privacy from time to time to reflect new services or changes in our data practices or relevant laws. The “effective date” legend at the top of this Privacy indicates when this was last revised. Any changes are effective when we post the revised Privacy on the Sites. If we make any material changes to this Privacy, we will take reasonable measures to notify you via email and/or a prominent notice on our Site prior to the change becoming effective and will update the effective date. You are advised to review the Privacy periodically for any changes.CONTACT US
If you have any questions about this Privacy, you can contact us:
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Community Guidelines
Your pledge to be a kind human in the Sieve community
I will treat everyone respectfully and kindly.
• No threats, harassment, stalking, abuse, slurs, profanity, personal attacks, sexual remarks or innuendos, physical violence, baseless accusations, or public speculation about others. Any such misbehaviour will result in appropriate consequences
• Do not reveal private information about others or pressure them into revealing private information
• Do not neg through backhanded compliments or insults disguised as constructive criticism
• Be constructive and helpful when providing feedback, not mean or with the intent of bringing others down. Attacks on character, rather than the idea or content, will not be tolerated. Any such misbehaviour will result in appropriate consequences
I will upload work that I created and will give credit accordingly
• No AI-generated art, or inappropriate/NSFW content
• No taking credit for others’ work or posting others’ work without permission
• No copyrighted or trademarked content
• No plagiarizing others’ work. A remix with proper credit of inspiration is permitted but not an exact copy
If you violate these guidelines, your work may be removed from Sieve and your account may be suspended. We have final say over whether your conduct is appropriate, per our Terms. If you notice a Sievartist violating our guidelines, please contact us.

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Content Guidelines
Your pledge to be a considerate artist in the Sieve community
No content that is:
• Illegal
• AI-generated or involves generative AI in its creation process
• Inflammatory, including but not limited to name-calling, ranting, controversy-inducing, accusatory, or public speculation about others
• Racist, sexist, culturally insensitive, or offensive
• Pornographic or overly sexual. We aim to keep Sieve PG-13 and we have full discretion in determining whether something violates this guideline
• Copyrighted, trademarked, or plagiarized from others’ work. A remix with proper credit of inspiration is permitted but not an exact copy
Any inappropriate content may be removed by Sieve. Per our Terms of Service, we have the final say over whether content is appropriate. If you repost removed content or continue to post content that violates these guidelines, your account may be suspended or removed. If you notice a Sievartist violating our guidelines, please contact us.